The ultrasonic removing of soft and hard calculus

It represents a totally painless technique of removing hard plaque that cannot be removed by mechanical brushing.

Teeth polishing

Polishing is the removal of deposits, surface roughness and pigment with a tooth brush and special toothpaste. The point of using a rotating brush is its ability to go down and remove all the possible irregularities that are found on the tooth. The paste that is used for polishing teeth contains abrasives which contribute to a better effect of teeth whitening. Polishing contributes to lighten teeth color by one or two shades.


Frenectomy represents a surgical removal of labial or lingual frenulum, in order to prevent gum recession in the region of the frenulum, creating a diastema between teeth, for orthodontic and prosthetic reasons. The intervention doesn’t last longer than 15 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia, so it is completely painless.





Parodontal pockets treatment

It is the removal of pathological tissues from periodontal pockets in order to improve periodontal disease, and its done in the second phase of periodontal therapy.


Gingivectomy & gummy smile

It represents a surgical procedure that is performed in order to shorten the gingival excess because of aesthetic reasons or in the area of impacted teeth in order to release the tooth crown. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.