Composite filling

Composite fillings are tooth colored plastic dental resin used to restore decayed teeth. Composite resin dental fillings are strong, durable and make for a very natural looking beautiful smile.

Composite fillings are more attractive then amalgam fillings, teeth filled with composite material tend to be stronger, composite filling can be fitted into very small holes so less drilling is needed in preparation.

OSO Cucić Dr. Olivera is strictly amalgam (mercury) free dental practice. We use only safe, bio compitable tooth colored filling materials.





Composite crowns

Composite crowns are aestethic restorations that are used tocompensate destroyed tooth.

Advantages of composite crowns:

  • They require relatively short operating time
  • They are aesthetically pleasing.





Inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlays are known as indirect fillings, because they are made in a laboratory and cemented or bonded to the surface of the tooth during a second visit.


Tooth whitening

Bleaching techniques are based on the use of hydrogen peroxide as the active substance. Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. The discreet luster and the beauty of your tooth jewel will attract the eye of everyone you smile to.

IZBELJIVANJE ZUBA Professional tooth whitening in a dental office is the preferred whitening method because even though stronger agents are applied, the rest of the mouth,including the gums, is protected from these materials. The best whitening systems feature a buffer in the gel that protects the tooth enamel from damage, are extremely effective, and can transform teeth in a single office visit. Your teeth can literally brighten up to 10 shades in about an hour.

Tooth jewelry

ZUBNI NAKITThe use of “tooth jewelry” can be placed on a tooth without cutting into the natural tooth structure. Costume “diamonds” or real diamonds can be placed on the tooth surface.